Visitors to our bird pool

At Balaba Nature Camp this year we have revamped our bird pool, converting it from a plastic sheet to a concrete pool. We also have a dish of water at a higher level, which was meant to be for the smaller birds, but in practice the larger birds also try and get into it as well. Now the dry season is well underway, we have been getting some lovely birds visiting. Yesterday I saw 18 species in an hour.

This pair of Blue-bellied Rollers enjoyed a drink from the water dish.

Blue-bellied roller

We are also lucky enough to have a pair of Western Bluebills visiting regularly – the male enjoyed a splash around in the pool.

Western Bluebill
Blackcap babblers are regular visitors too.

Blackcap babbler

And this Lizard Buzzard spent about 15 minutes sitting by the pool.

Lizard Buzzard

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