Our Western Bluebills are still visiting!

After an absence of ten months in the UK, due to complications from a broken wrist, I’m very pleased to be back in The Gambia at Balaba Nature Camp again. Whilst I was away, Lamin has extended the bird pool and widened the window so more people can see clearly – it also makes it much easier to take photographs.

We still have many birds visiting the pool regularly, including an African Harrier Hawk, Shikra, Lizard Buzzard, a pair of Western Bluebills, Violet Turacos and many more. So I hope to be sharing many more photographs and more news with you over the coming weeks.

I’m also planning to add to the pages on this site, telling you more about some of the lesser-known spots to see the beautiful birds of The Gambia.

We’re delighted that our pair of Western Bluebills are still visiting regularly, and although this isn’t the best photo in the world, I’m pleased I did manage to get a shot of them both together – it’s not as easy as you’d think!

A pair of Western Bluebills

Our pair of Western Bluebills taking a dip

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