Bearded Barbets on Our Fig Tree

Here at Balaba Nature Camp we’re lucky enough to have a fig tree right next to our kitchen. When the figs begin to ripen, the tree is alive with birds, all coming to tuck into the feast. This week we’ve seen: village weavers, common bulbuls, African thrush, brown babblers, blackcap babbler, African green pigeon and violet turacos all enjoying themselves. (The chickens have also had a go, but that’s another story…)

But the highlight of our week has been to see the bearded barbets.

These unusual-looking birds are fairly small, brightly coloured in black, yelloe, red and white, and have large ‘hornbill-style’ bills. They’re not uncommon here in Gambia, and the field guide says they’ll come regularly to fruiting fig trees and also fruiting papaya trees, so perhaps it not surprising to see them.

I managed to get a few good photos so I hope you enjoy seeing them!

Bearded barbet Bearded barbet Bearded barbet Bearded barbet Yellow-fronted canary

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